2021 | App Design and Development

Supercluster is a project started by GrandArmy and A24 with the mission of making space more accessible to everyone. Supercluster brings space fans great editorial content and the best way to track launches around the world. They brought us on to design and build a mobile app to accompany their website. The app allows users to get notified about upcoming launches, watch them live, and get easy to understand breakdowns of what’s going to space.

The Supercluster website uses easy to understand titles and descriptors and it was important for the app to stay true to that. The app shows all upcoming rocket launches with easy to understand titles like "SpaceX Launches Humans To Space On Crew Dragon" which makes following the launch and understanding it more approachable for newcomers. The launch page features the same simple breakdown as the website "This goes to space," "On this rocket," and so on. The app also allows users to get notifications for launches so that they can watch the livestream as the rocket takes off.

Supercluster has a great article about the app here.

Below is a walkthrough of the app: